Whole30 Snacks

Looking for snacks to eat this week?

Deviled Eggs

10474729_10152198374758155_1036048383678957342_n.jpgTo start, these chicken salad bites are killer! They’re also very easy to make.

1174542_10152037314253155_1827461932_n.jpgMini Bacon Bowls. They are cute and tasty. You can use the above mentioned chicken salad, but here, I used tuna and egg salads as my fillings.

photo-76.jpgAnd now for the nuts… I really love roasting my own cashews. They are often total crowd pleasers, and there is something for everyone (as long as they can eat nuts). You could use other kinds of nuts, but cashews are definitely my favorite.

Ducky Rosemary Cashews


Paleo Taco Nuts: These are my most popularly replicated nuts by blog followers. They are simply nuts made with my homemade paleo taco seasoning.

1948016_10152053933133155_1975111708_n.jpgIndian Spiced Nuts

img_3291.jpgPaleo Roll Ups

These are really simple and easy. You can make them much smaller than shown here, and you can also use a variety of meats or just use lettuce as the wrap.


Salmon Poke

I absolutely LOVE this light and tasty dish. It really is perfection!



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