Tomorrow’s the Day

So. Tomorrow is September 1st. It is the first day of my challenge to myself to recommit to eating healthy ALL the time instead of SOME of the time. My goal is to make it all the way until we leave for our first visit to see extended family for Christmas in four years. That is exactly four months from now. My thyroid and my eating for comfort have kicked my butt, and I’m gaining weight at breakneck speed. It makes me sad and frustrated, but it is also a constant reminder of the toll that infertility has had on me. I’m ashamed, and it sucks. So, tomorrow it starts. NO cheating or convincing myself, “I’ll get right up on the wagon so what’s the harm?” It’s not working for me. My body is a mess, I only fit two pairs of pants, and I’m struggling to find motivation.  In the past, my motivation was giving my body the best chances of carrying a baby to term. The nail is in the coffin on that one, and that hope is gone. I’m going to have to find my motivation from somewhere else. I have to find a way to do it for me. So tomorrow it begins.  I want to make it all the way until the Christmas holiday, enjoy seeing family for the first time in four years, and then again challenge myself to continue with it as a lifestyle change.

My husband is 100% on board and ready to do this with me. His only stipulation was being able to have cream in his coffee in the morning. I can live with that. Wish us luck!

I’m posting my old paleo transformation for inspiration. I need to get back to this place!

After and beyond...
After and the addition of Barre workouts to the paleo. Clearly, it made an impact even though the scale didn’t show it.

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