The Spoils of Dashed Hope

Yes, there are spoils! Oh the money we will save getting rid of our storage space full of baby items stashed, organized, and cherished. There is also the monetary gain from the yard sale to get rid of it all. Since my little pug needs surgery on Tuesday, this is at least a little bit of money to go towards it. As you can see from the picture, he was faithfully guarding the cash box.

The whole day was pretty smooth with the exception of the wackadoo granny with baby rabies who wanted my phone number in case she couldn’t figure out how to use a swaddle.

My furbaby fiercely protecting the cash box at the yard sale.
My furbaby fiercely protecting the cash box at the yard sale.

This was a monstrously huge step for me. Letting go of all of these things that used to be my baby boy’s seemed impossible a year ago. I found that the key was to work fast and not look too closely at anything. It felt like every piece in those boxes was a key that unlocked a plethora of memories. I did have a bin or two of things I just couldn’t let go of, and there were a few things I just stared at and cried about for a moment.  The teeny tiny shoes that my husband gave me a hard time for buying because they so clearly would never fit a walking or even a crawling child. There was the stuffed caterpillar with the round yellow face that was the object of my son’s first non-gas grin. He would coo at it with his gummy smile and flirt with it. First, I cried at it, then I smelled it, and then I placed it in a box to be stashed away for the next 20 years or so.

I won’t lie, it was REALLY hard. It was also really time for some closure. Getting rid of the storage space that housed all of this baby stuff is money and space saved. We are one more step forward in the process of moving on.


2 thoughts on “The Spoils of Dashed Hope

  1. Blessings to you. This summer when we moved, I went through and donated all of the maternity clothes I had been given, all of the books about getting pregnant, all of the stuff people had given us just in case. There won’t be a just in case so those things didn’t need to be around. Still hard though.

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