Holy crapadoodle! I cannot even believe how this turned out!!!! PALEO PASTA!!!

Yes, it can be done! Paleo Pasta!!!! Shockingly, it is very easy to make, but I am a total mess-maker in the kitchen.

Paleo Prescription

No joke, this tastes exactly like homemade conventional noodles. I made a mess, but it actually didn’t take long to make at all. The mess is the biggest downside, although I totally dropped the bag of tapioca flour, thus others may have a cleaner experience. When making these, remember to cover dough or noodles with plastic wrap or a towel if you are not tending to them. They can dry out fast.  Also, the granite countertop made this venture SOO much easier. Make your sauce beforehand and keep it warm. You want to have the sauce ready when the noodles are done so that you don’t end up with a giant pile of noodles that are stuck together (basically same rules as regular pasta). This makes enough for 2 very large pasta plates for two people, or could feed a family of four (with two kids plates). Easy and tastes EXACTLY…

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