Beef…It’s What’s For Dinner


I really wish that I was tech savvy enough to get that song into this page, but I am really not that adept. Oh well…Here’s a link to it in case you really want the full experience. So this was supposed to be a T-Bone steak. I don’t see how…but here it is. I’m very happy with how Norman tasted (yes, we named our cow). It was very juicy and very tasty! I was a bit worried that being grass fed it would not be quite as tasty as meals from steaks past, but it turned out amazing!  The Meat Book mentioned that you should salt your steaks an hour in advance and allow them to get to room temperature. It also mentions making sure to blot all moisture before cooking so that you don’t “steam” your steak. I will definitely say that the flavor was awesome, and I will surely use this method again.  Sprinkle with pepper before cooking.

Heat the grill (we used gas) at high heat for 15 minutes. Then clean and oil the grill with olive oil (my husband soaks a paper towel in olive oil and then uses tongs to rub the grill with the oil. Grill at medium-high heat for two minutes on each side, covered. Then reduce heat to medium and cook until you reach desired doneness. Remove to a plate or cutting board and loosely tent. Allow to rest for ten minutes before cutting.

I used good quality extra virgin olive oil and drizzled it and lemon juice over my steak. I highly recommend it.

I still have a vat of potato salad from my last batch, and it was a perfect match for this dinner.


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