Salmon and Sauces

We had a couple of leftover sauces from this past weekend, so we cooked up some amazing wild salmon. I also threw some eggplant in a skillet with coconut oil and salt, and then cooked for about 20 minutes.  I sprinkled the eggplant with pepper and garlic powder before serving. For the salmon, I seasoned it with salt and lemon pepper (from Trader Joe’s), cooked over medium-high heat with skin side down for three minutes, then I flipped the fish. I do not like the skin, so once I flipped the filet, I could just use a fork to get it off all in one piece. Cook for an additional two minutes and serve. The chimichurri sauce is VERY bold, so you do not need much at all or else you can no longer taste the salmon. I actually used the leftover sauce from the potato salad, and it was perfect. It tastes like a bit of a mustard tartar sauce of sorts but without any actual pickle flavor. There was also some texture from the finely diced onion along with the dill.

Salmon with mustard sauce
Salmon with mustard sauce
Salmon with Chimichurri Sauce
Salmon with Chimichurri Sauce

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