Cytokines be Damned!

So, I had an IVIG infusion about a week ago. In the past, I have done IVIG for my natural killer cell levels. Historically, my cytokines have always stayed consistent before and during treatment with IVIG. They used to hang out between 12-20 before, during, and after the pregnancy. My cytokines after stopping the strict paleo jumped to 38.5. After two weeks of strict paleo and the IVIG, my cytokines went to 8.8 (they want it below 30 for the purposes of reproduction). Since IVIG never lowered my cytokines in the past, I’m leaning towards the strict paleo making the difference for me. I’m pretty close to saying that this is definitive proof that the paleo does actually lower my inflammation.  There was really no “evidence” before other than how I felt, so it is good to really have more concrete blood results to make this assertion.  So…after totally messing my body up by going off paleo, it seems that my body responded really quickly to the dietary changes. Yay!


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