Made. My. Day.

One of our good friends brought over this AMAZING Ecopia Farms gift set/salad today. Those who know me know that I have an unfortunate aversion to salad. I have been this way since I was a child, and I usually have to talk myself into eating salad as a side dish.  When I first moved to California from Michigan, I could not understand how people would have salad for lunch. And that’s it. Just salad. Multiple catered new teacher trainings simply had “salad” and nothing else. Since then, my motto has always been, “Salad is not a meal!” It is usually something that I yell at people. It is a running joke with my friends.  This was probably one of the only salads in my life that I ever ate as a meal (totally scrapped my leftover meatball plans) once I tasted it. I even had SECONDS!  It is as if hell has frozen over. My mother would not believe it, and I would totally call her to tell her about it if it weren’t for her being asleep in her bed three time zones away. Those of you in the Bay Area, if you have access to this, you MUST try it. Unbelievable. (The adorable and stylish accessories were almost as awesome as the salad). My day is MADE!

Cutest accessories come with it!!!  I'm in heaven.
The cutest accessories come with it!!! I’m in heaven.
Who ever would've thought of pickled butternut squash? I declare them to be genius!
Who ever would’ve thought of pickled butternut squash? I declare them to be genius!

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