Killing two birds with one stone.

I was in need of some paleo snacks, so I settled on some Taco Nuts. They are SO easy, and are actually quite addictive and satisfying. Perfect snack on the go. When I was done with the nuts, I had a lot of extra seasoning in my pan.  I decided to take my wild salmon and cook it in the seasonings. It turned out great! Lots of flavor, and avocado on top really sealed the deal. I would definitely make this again. If you want to just make the salmon with the seasoning, you can just make my paleo taco seasoning.

taco nutsFullSizeRender

If you are making the nuts, simply keep the skillet at medium-high heat and cook the salmon for a few minutes on each side (depending on how you like your salmon cooked). Add avocado to the top.  Cilantro would also be great sprinkled on at the end.  If you are just making the salmon, rub a bit of the seasoning into the salmon and cook for a few minutes on each side over medium-high heat.


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