Things are happening!!!


It’s official!  Transfer scheduled for Monday!!! We have an IVIG infusion scheduled for Friday, and a Neupogen wash scheduled for Sunday.  Pulling out all the stops with Lovenox on board as well. We’re all in, though still only putting in one embryo. Twins are way too high risk for our situation. The fingers (and toes) are crossed! 

The cycle almost got cancelled because it looked like my progesterone might be creeping up (it should be nonexistent before ovulation). IF that had happened, we would have had to stop everything, shed the uterine lining, and start all over (about two months from start of cycle to end).  I cannot imagine having to do the BCP and lupron again.  They make me insane with anxiety.  I konw that if this cycle fails we will suck it up to do future transfers, but at the moment, I just cannot think about having to take those two damned drugs again. I HATE THEM!  

I’m so relieved that we got the green light, and it SEEMS like all is on track.  The RE that I haven’t seen in 11 months almost didn’t recognize me. He was so excited about my healthier physical being since starting the paleo. He seems to feel that it could make all the difference.  I sure hope he’s right.


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