Lots to update!!!

A lot has happened in the last two months, and we are in the midst of our FET cycle with protocol from the reproductive endocrinologist AND reproductive immunologist.  Basically, the RE feels that my tubes are not open in their natural state (they have to be forced open for procedures that test whether or not they are patent).  Obviously, this makes natural conception unlikely and beyond the scope of PCOS or the Paleo lifestyle.  The really interesting news is from the reproductive immunologist. Basically, my body is beating the crap out of my husband’s DNA and sees the embryo as “foreign”.  The cells to protect an embryo are low, and the cells to attack are high. My natural killer cells are mad and sending reinforcements every time we try to put an embryo in.  As a result of our workup, I will be taking Synthroid, Lovenox, and having IVIG injections (they felt that intralipids were not yet backed up by enough research).  The IVIG injections are supposed to beat back the natural killer cell activity so that I can get implantation well established. Given that my son was premature (labor at 25 weeks and born at 28), my natural killer cell activity would be monitored throughout the hoped-for pregnancy and IVIG would be given based on those results.  The reproductive immunologist feels that this explains my son’s previously unexplained preterm labor and delivery.  My body just kept trying to get rid of him (hence the three week labor that they couldn’t stop with ridiculous amounts of Mag and other meds).  It is like an allergic reaction; the first exposure is milder than subsequent exposures. I am incredibly lucky that my body was not successful in ejecting him earlier in the pregnancy.  We were fortunate with the outcome of having a baby at 28 weeks, and earlier may have told a totally different story.

We are nervous, but we are also very happy to be moving forward.  I think that a lot of people want to know if this means I will not be living a Paleo lifestyle anymore (several people have asked).  I have to give that a firm NO.  I have benefitted so much from changing my relationship with food, that I don’t think that I will ever go back.  I will have cheat days (or even weekends), but it is just too obvious that my body doesn’t want me to do what I had been doing to it.  Inflammation in my breasts is gone, inflammation in my gums is gone, I no longer have headaches, I have short, painless, and predictable periods, and I also have more energy, better skin, and less “brain-fog” than ever before.  Oh yeah, and I also lost a ton of weight without trying. The benefits of Paleo go far beyond my issues with infertility, so it is here to stay. Regardless of what happens on the fertility journey, this is now my lifestyle.  I’m still going to blog because even if I do get a baby, infertility is always going to be a heartless bitch. Nothing will ever be able to make that statement an untruth. I cannot tell you how many in my PCOS support group have gotten their babies and other health benefits from making the switch, and I hope that my blog will help anyone who wants to continue with the Paleo lifestyle no matter what their goals.

I will update when I can about what is new on the fertility front.  Don’t expect an update when it comes time for pregnancy tests.  If I don’t update, it could mean that it failed and I am once again in a pit of despair and isolating.  If I don’t update, it could also mean that I am cautiously pregnant and don’t want to announce anything to anyone because of my history of devastation that comes with that. I also would not want friends and family to find out by reading it on the internet.  Expect NOT to have an update between embryo transfer (end of June) and probably August.  I will still post about other things, just not the results of our FET.

Thanks for the support that everyone has given me though all of this. The success of this blog has been a shock, but also a breath of fresh air.  I’m glad to help others on this journey, and I feel that nobody should have to do it alone. We are so excited to be moving forward.  Please, send us some good vibes!!!


2 thoughts on “Lots to update!!!

  1. Sending good vibes, love and light! I am happy that you have made such positive changes in your life and that you are feeling well. Love ~Sarah-Beth


  2. Darn right I don’t want to find out about a new baby on your blog! I better get a facebook message 🙂 Good Luck and even though hubby is tough on the outside , tests show you are way tougher on the inside. M sure is a miracle baby with a pretty amazing momma. And I am so jealous that you lost so much weight and I did not on Paleo.


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