My Blue Heaven


Ahhh…It was ten days of bliss.  I have to say that I went non-paleo for this vacation, and with only a few consequences.  I just wanted to relax and enjoy my surroundings. I ate plenty of poke, but I also indulged in some total garbage. My skin is very angry at me and is totally broken out, and I felt like I was very sluggish most of the time.  Those things don’t really matter too much when you’re lying on the beach and soaking it all in.  

I’m back home now, and totally dog tired and missing it already.  I hoped to wear a bikini on this trip (which I actually did do a couple of days when nobody except my son was around). I did not really wear it in “public” because I had Lovenox bruises and injection scar tissue. I look pretty good with clothes on though 🙂  

In June, we will be transferring one of our frozen embryos.  We have an appointment to go over all results from the reproductive immunologist next week, and I am hoping for some answers or peace of mind that I really do just have some crap luck and am not fighting off embies that are transferred.  I will update again after that appointment. Now that I’m back home and jumping into an FET with the next cycle, I will be committed once again to the paleo lifestyle.  I have already jumped back into my workout routine (started doing Barre classes), and it’s so great to feel like I have finally mastered the concept of getting back on the wagon.  This has always been my issue.  Once I took a break, I always had a hard time getting back into the swing of healthy things. 

Off to post a new recipe!


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