Paleo and Cholesterol


For those who have been cringing seeing all of the bacon, eggs, and other saturated fat sources on my paleo journey, I’m here to put your minds at ease. My husband had blood work done August 20, 2013, a week after I started paleo. He just had another blood draw done last weekend, and here are the results after seven months:
Cholesterol: 224 down to 200= no longer flagged as high
LDL (bad cholesterol): 139 down to 119=no longer flagged as high

My husband only does about 70% paleo. He eats whatever I make at home, sometimes he brings leftovers for lunch, and he often has eggs for breakfast. He is known by many to indulge the remaining 30%, and is a cross between Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch when faced with tempting foods. He also has the willpower of an addict in a crack house. Another benefit was that he was also able to continue with his insane workout regimen (by civilian and normal people standards—not by his work special ops standards). Another benefit is that for the first time in 12 years, my husband doesn’t have almost daily headaches.  It was a chronic issue, that is now gone entirely.  I don’t even think that he knows where the Motrin is (this is huge for him). It used to be that he wouldn’t go anywhere without it.

I have seen and felt a lot of great changes since starting the paleo seven months ago, but this one is the best one of all!

I’m so relieved that the latest research I have been reading in regards to saturated fats seem to be absolutely correct, and the old myths about causes of heart disease are being debunked.  I hope that word gets out.  Farm fats are our friends!!!  EAT THE YOLKS, PEOPLE!!!!


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