Yep, that’s the title: Boobs.  Prospects of success from unexpected places…my boobs.  My boobs have quite the checkered past.  I have a ridiculous family history of breast cancer (though I don’t have the known gene for it) and so I have to be monitored every six months.  Just for fun, they are incredibly lumpy and full of ridges (don’t I sound sexy!). With my first mammogram, it looked like a whiteout on the scan.  The doctor couldn’t see a damned thing.  I always had to follow up with an MRI or ultrasound.  This pattern continued for the last 6-7 years.  Instead of just doing an MRI or ultrasound, they always insist on doing a mammogram first.  It is “procedure”.  Every single mammogram yields the same result: Whiteout! I had my customary mammogram last June with the usual result.  They said my breast tissue was too dense, as it always had been (even in my years weighing in the 120-130s). I was then sent to do breast MRI (no fun, especially if you get remotely claustrophobic and don’t want your boobs smashed through two holes while you’re lying face down). Yesterday, I had to get an ultrasound to check out a new lump. Of course, they insist on doing a mammogram knowing that images are white every time. I am used to this, so of course I went right along with it thinking it was a total waste.  Well to my surprise, as well as the tech and doctor’s, you could totally see breast tissue, variation, black, grey, white…EVERYTHING! No solid white for me! They were totally shocked. Apparently, the fact that my boobs haven’t hurt since starting paleo is because they were totally inflamed before! I used to constantly have breast pain of varying degrees, and they always seemed swollen (this got much worse after having my son eight years ago).  The only time I have felt this since starting the paleo in August was after my three week cheat during the holidays when I abandoned paleo. So… my doctor’s theory about me having systemic inflammation and the possibility of paleo helping seems to be true! In nine months, my breasts have gone from stark white on a mammogram to actually looking normal!!! The mammogram that I had yesterday was also done post ovulation, when my breasts have always had the most pain and swelling in the past.  The June mammogram was done during the first week of my cycle when I was least likely to have inflammation and pain. This also cannot be due to weight loss (as I mentioned, I have had mammograms done when I weighed less than I do now).  Fat is easier to see on a mammogram, and denser breasts with difficult to read ultrasounds are usually present in women with less body fat.  Fingers are crossed that this is helping inflammation elsewhere.  Now if only I could be sure my tubes were open…. I will take this sign of progress either way!  Yay for titties!!!


3 thoughts on “Boobs

  1. Hi, I’ve interacted with you a bit on the PCOS forums, and it looks like we are in the same boat (though I am still trying for my first!). I have also been playing with my diet and recently switched to full on Paleo about 3-4 weeks ago when I cut out dairy (and recommitted to cutting back/out processed/added sugar). I’ve been on vacation for a week where I ate some crappy things, but tried to keep it to a minimum with some success. Most importantly, I continued to cut out milk which I was the main thing I wanted to see. I don’t know how it will affect my cycles yet (just got done with a ridiculously long one), but I have noticed that I haven’t been having any ‘random allergic reactions’ since I stopped. I was having allergic reactions randomly maybe once or twice a week usually an hour or two after eating, but they were unexplained and didn’t seem related to dairy really as I was drinking milk most mornings with breakfast. However, eliminating dairy is the one big change I’ve made, and I think it’s making the difference. I am starting a new cycle of femara tomorrow, so I will keep you in the loop. My last cycle was terrible which is what inspired me to go full on paleo, so perhaps you will be able to add my story to your mounting list of evidence soon. Glad to have someone to relate to on this journey 🙂


    1. Awesome! Definitely keep me posted. It’s amazing the impact paleo has on our bodies. I just had a dental hygienist shocked at the positive changes in my gum health! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!


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