Got Milk? Apparently, success comes in many forms…

So…no I’m not pregnant.  Let’s just get that out of the way right now.  Sorry to disappoint, but such is life (mine anyways).

After my three week gorge around the holidays, I noticed that I was lactating.  Yes, you read that right. I was producing milk.  Awesome.  No baby.  Just milk.  And breast pain and swelling and random lumps in the mammaries.  I’m so sexy, I know!

After getting blood work done, my doctor tells me that I am in the “high normal” range for prolactin (which apparently is enough to make you produce milk) and I was in the “normal” but not preferred range for thyroid as a person trying to conceive.  It was recommended that I start taking Synthroid minimum dosage.  I really did not want to be on another med.  I asked my doctor if he thought there were alternatives. He said that I could try diet and exercise and do another blood draw in six weeks.  After the first of the year, I jumped back into the paleo, and I also incorporated exercise into my regimen.  Last week was my blood draw, and I’m happy to say that my prolactin went down 30% and my thyroid went down 14%!  Yay for paleo and exercise.  

Anyway, we will probably proceed soon with IUIs, and then on to our frozen embryos hopefully in June.  Since my RE thinks that my tubes are not really open unless they are forced open during testing, he feels that I’m ready to go with the frozen embryos.  My other doc disagrees, and really wants to try IUI.  I guess it makes sense to give it a shot first.  After trying to conceive for almost six years, what is another 2-3 months?  

I had a great “girls” weekend and catapulted myself off the wagon right after the blood work, so I guess it is time to renew my efforts and get back on the ball.  Woo hoo!  Yes, there were side effects with my splurge weekend, but it was nice to just relax with my girls and indulge in a few tasty beverages and snacks.  Totally worth it!

Here is a glimpse of my weekend paradise.  I miss it already!



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