PIZZA!!! Crust was totally paleo!

PIZZA!!! Crust was totally paleo!

So for anyone who knows me well, they also know that my achilles heel is pizza. I love it, I would eat it for every meal if I could, and it’s a darn miracle that I haven’t cracked in the last eight weeks and indulged. I will admit that I put a touch of blue cheese on the prosciutto pizza and a touch of mozzarella on the breakfast pizza. That was a huge mistake. I really thought a little “cheat” for the first time in eight weeks wouldn’t be a big deal, but my guts had other ideas. Hello gut rot! Given that I did not turn to paleo for digestive issues, I was quite surprised. I usually have a pretty tough stomach and this was hardly any dairy at all. Apparently it was enough. My body is talking, and I’m listening. I made the crust with my paleo dough (, and I really loved it. My husband and son made full on pizzas with lots of cheese, and I made these. The prosciutto, balsamic onion, and blue cheese was by far the best. It was REALLY good! The breakfast pizza was good, but it was second to the prosciutto (my son actually commandeered one of the pieces).

I was excited because I bought an 8″ tortilla press, and I was all ready to use it with the dough. It took some work to get the dough to be less sticky (add more tapioca flour) and then it worked perfectly with the pieces of parchment paper. I cooked the dough for about 15 minutes at 425 so that it was nice and crispy. I learned that it would not get crispier once toppings were put on and it was put back in the oven. For the crispy thin crust, make it nice and thin and get it crispy before the toppings go on. Another tip is to put the sauce of your choice (pizza sauce, pesto…) all the way to the edge of the crust so that it doesn’t burn. You could also give the crust a little lip around the edge so that it is chewier and less crispy. I also reduced the oven to 375 for cooking the toppings.

These really were good. The crust was awesome (my husband liked his less crispy and since his was cooked less than mine he was happy). Both of these pizzas could have been good without the cheese. The basil on the top of the egg and the bacon surrounding it were  very flavorful touches. All in all, it was a success and I will make them again without cheese.


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