How infertility forced me to get a new accountant.

So, I went in today to file my 2012 taxes.  I had filed an extension because my husband was deployed in April.  First, I come in and she asks how my KIDS are doing.  When I say that I only have one, she asks, “I really thought you were going to have another by now.  Any plans?”  WHY ARE PEOPLE SO INQUISITIVE OF OTHERS THAT THEY ONLY SEE ONCE PER YEAR!!?? Well, of course the topic of medical expenses comes up for tax reasons, and the $25,000 that I spent out of pocket demanded a bit of explaining.  Of course, after telling her about the IVF, she has to go on and on about how all of her friends who needed IVF got pregnant without trying later on.  I choose to nod and smile politely.  We are in the middle of crunching numbers when she then decides to tell me about how ovulation works…and that if my cycles become irregular I should ignore it and I will get pregnant without trying.  At this point, my smile is gone and I’m ready to throw a stapler at her head.  Seriously lady?  I’ve been trying and not trying for five years!  Just do my fuckin taxes so that I’m not paying you $450 for fertility advice! I should’ve asked if I could include her fee as a medical expense!  On the upside, she said that I looked like I’d lost “a ton of weight”.  Thanks and no thanks.  Now I shall go about eating my pancetta mushrooms and pretend that the meeting never happened.

And that is the story of how infertility robbed me of my accountant.


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