Well that was fun…

So, I used to be very active on Babycenter, before most of my amazing infertility support group migrated to Facebook.  I was considering being active again on Babycenter, and wanted to add my blog link to my profile signature.  I have no clue how to do this, and was poking around.  Somehow, I ended up on a screen that read, “Congratulations on your 30th week of pregnancy.”  Ouch.  Ouch. Ouch!!!!  I have worked hard to keep my chin up for months, and did not appreciate the intrusion to my stoicism.  I then deleted this “tidbit” from my Babycenter account, and another screen popped up that recommended “helpful links” all tied to miscarriage and pregnancy loss.  Thanks again, but it seriously made me feel worse.  I sit here channeling my grief into trying to get my body healthy and in a position to finally have a baby to take home.  This ends my pity party and rant for the day…and I still have no clue how to link this blog to my signature on Babycenter.  Time well wasted…


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