A couple more revelations about my first Paleo cycle. (TMI for some, so you may not want to read this if you’re related to me in some way, or you just never wanted to know anything about my menstrual cycle).

I’m not sharing this because I’m bored.  I am sharing because people, especially women trying to conceive or dealing with PCOS, are always asking me if I notice any changes to my cycle since starting Paleo.  For others who just want to check out Paleo for general health or weight loss, this may not interest you and you can just go on your merry way so as not to embarrass anyone. REVELATION: I just noticed that I had a REALLY short period. Basically 3-4 days!  That is a new record for me.  I’m usually dealing with about 6-7 days with 5 days of heavy or moderate flow.  I also escaped the whole thing with ZERO headaches, which is also REALLY uncommon with my history.  Yay me!


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