My almost bake free day…

Today was the first day in five weeks that I haven’t cooked anything new. I whipped up a loaf of banana bread (and three non-paleo kids loved it), and I made another batch of bacon sweet potato hash (though a couple of my guests don’t really like sweet potato).  I think I scared a couple of non-paleo people with my use of bacon and bacon fat, but that’s okay with me.  It was nice having family over for the day.  I tried the coconut aminos with sashimi, but it didn’t taste enough like the gluten free tamari to which I’ve become accustomed.  I will say that I could see using it in a recipe and being satisfied with the results.  In its pure form on raw fish, it wasn’t bad, just not what I was looking for.

How Paleo has affected my body so far:  I noticed that I have a huge decrease in appetite the last week or so.  In the five weeks that I have been living the paleo lifestyle, my appetite continues to diminish.  I am rarely hungry and have to really push myself to eat more than two meals per day.  I did not expect this, but it is nice to not feel hungry or deprived.  With my family over, I did not mind eating spoonfuls of great guacamole by itself instead of shoveling it in with some sort of “chip”.  I continue to lose weight steadily (down 25 lbs now), and feel a great deal of energy without hunger.  I had a bit of a “toe” incident a couple of weeks ago that derailed my efforts to work out.  Now that it has healed mostly, I need to try to put my newfound energy to the test by working out again.  

Some positives that I noticed after my first full cycle with Paleo would be the absence of any bloating, weight gain, or cravings around when I would usually get PMS and my period (I continued to lose weight during this time).  I had the usual cramping, but nothing else.  Normally, I have horribly swollen and tender breasts the two weeks before getting my period, but there was ZERO evidence of that this cycle.  This was quite a relief, as it is quite uncomfortable and demands that I wear sports bras to bed and cannot sleep on my stomach.  This is a definite plus!

I have found that I sleep soundly, and I fall asleep very easily.  I have been averaging eight hours of sleep per night, and I feel very well rested.  

So far, so good!


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