Update 9/12/13

9/12/13 Well, our first natural paleo cycle ends with the customary failure.  I know that it working on the first try was a long shot, but one cannot help but hope for a miracle.  On to cycle number two .

I am really enjoying the Paleo lifestyle and have never enjoyed being in the kitchen so much.  I am going to set about purging my pantry and freezers today in the hopes of creating more space for my new gadgets and ingredients.  There are cans of things that I have found which expired years ago.  CANS that have expired!  It’s time to get rid of all of that processed JUNK!

I am also finding that I have to take days off from cooking because I have so many leftovers.  I have never looked forward to leftovers until this last month.  It also makes it so easy to take food to work so that I don’t find myself starving and resorting to either convenience foods or eating out.

I know that I post many recipes for baked goods. This is because they are one of the most difficult non-paleo things to replicate (aside from pasta).  If you are doing Paleo for PCOS, you need to keep the sugars to a minimum (even if they come from natural sources such as maple syrup or honey).  It is the insulin issues that help to alleviate the PCOS or inflame it, so we want to avoid messing with it.  Stevia does not affect insulin levels, so it is more acceptable in this situation.  Try to only eat a muffin or piece of banana bread per day.  Don’t start thinking “Hey it’s Paleo!” and go for one per meal (or worse).

Thanks for reading. If you think you have any recipes to share, I’d love to try them out.  You can link to them or  copy and paste them into the comments section.


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