They were calling out to me at Whole Foods!!! I HAD to get the just to see if they were good. Will update soon with a review.

Ok, here’s the review… I decided to do a toast test. Before starting Paleo, I had done three months of gluten free eating.  My test for a gluten free bread always revolved around toasting.  If it wasn’t good toasted, it was a lost cause.

Since I cannot just grab butter to spread, I grabbed ghee (melted) and a brush. I also grabbed salt because neither loaf includes salt in the ingredients and I anticipate some bland taste.  I brushed the toasted bread with ghee and sprinkled some salt over the top (this was definitely a necessary move).

The result of the taste test was that the almond loaf was passable. It was moist despite toasting on a 3 out of 5 level on my toaster oven. Neither bread actually toasted really. The coconut bread on the other hand was so dry I needed to drink water to get it down. I couldn’t even focus on whether or not the flavor was good.  I will note that it did not really taste like coconut (which is a plus in my book).  I gave up after two bites.


My final word on it is that at $10 per loaf, I’m definitely returning the coconut one. As for the almond one, I will keep it in my freezer for occasional use. I plan to try it with tuna salad, egg salad, and hamburger. I will probably attempt all of them as “open faced” sandwiches as even the almond bread sliced very thin is a bit dense.


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