Perfectly Paleo Tuna Salad with Paleo Mayo!


A friend gave me this amazing tuna, so I was inspired to make my own mayo and make tuna salad.  You can order the tuna online, and it is AMAZING with NO added ingredients (no oil or salt…).  It may seem pricey when compared to what you could buy at Safeway, but think of it as costing less for what your former self would have paid for a tuna sandwich (or two) elsewhere.

The olives are “Farmers Market”.  They were the least offensive of the bunch at the regular grocery store (I couldn’t make it to Whole Foods today) and had very few added ingredients.  Feel free to omit the olives completely if you do not like them.


Drain the tuna thoroughly.  Cut olives into whatever size you prefer in your tuna salad.  Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly.  Enjoy!  This can be spread on Paleo Bread, lettuce leaves, or an avocado half.  You can also add in celery if you’d prefer.


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