Paleo Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip SPLAT cookies (for a quick breakfast grab)


When I need to just get going in the morning, I don’t have time or patience to make eggs or breakfast meats.  Cereal is out as is toast.  This leads me to the “splat” cookies. I was experimenting with almond butter and pumpkin and a few other things.  These cookies don’t rise themselves, nor do they spread. When I was trying to “spoon” them onto the baking sheet, I quickly realized that it was dopey and futile, so I just did it with my hands.  I kept thinking I was just splatting them as I went.

These can be made with almond flour if you do not like the taste of coconut. Substitute one cup of almond flour instead of coconut flour.  You can also make this with sweet potato or banana instead of pumpkin.  Dried fruit or raisins might be nice add-ins.  Nuts of any kind can be added, and if you don’t like almond butter, you can always use cashew butter (Whole Foods) instead.  When buying butters, make sure you look at the ingredients.  Many contain canola oil, which is a BIG paleo NO NO. You also need to be sure that there are NO added sugars.

You can either use honey, GRADE B maple syrup (Trader Joe’s), or pure Stevia extract (Trader Joes ONLY pure extract with NO other ingredients; it will come as a liquid in a dropper).   You can also do part honey, part syrup, part stevia.

I like that these cookies were not very dense, were soft, and had a flavor of their own. They did not have a strong coconut flavor OR an almond butter flavor.  They get a thumbs up from me and the little man (big man isn’t here to sample).


Makes 12 average size cookies.

1/4cup canned pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie mix in a can)
1/2cup almond butter (see note above)
1/2 cup honey (see note above about different ways to add sweetness to the recipe)
1tsp vanilla
1/4 cup coconut flour (see note about using almond flour)
1tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/4tsp baking soda
1/2cup dark chocolate chips (  FOUND AT TARGET)

Combine all ingredients.  I used a hand mixer to blend it together.  Put parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  Form cookies so that they’re somewhat flat. They will not cook in the middle unless they’re smooshed a bit.  Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.  If you like to keep them softer, stick with the 15 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Paleo Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip SPLAT cookies (for a quick breakfast grab)

    1. It really depends on how much of the sweetening you want to replace. I would not recommend replacing ALL of the honey with stevia. The honey “binds” as does maple syrup. You could try to sweeten partially with stevia and partly with some pureed medjool dates (2 of them). If you were to replace the entire 1/4 cup of honey, it would take about 25 drops of pure stevia extract. I do not know what would happen with the consistency of the cookies if you replaced the entire amount of honey. Please let me know how it goes.


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