A little about me and my infertility “adventure”…

Eight years ago, my husband and I thought about having a baby.  Within two months we were pregnant.  So easy you say?  Not so much.  After getting pregnant, things went well until week 25.  I found myself in the backwoods of Oregon and in labor.  I didn’t feel the contractions that I was apparently having, and I was shocked to find myself suddenly struggling to stay pregnant.  After being put on a few drugs that made me feel like a jittery crazed woman, we were able to make the drive back home (12 hours away) with me laying down the whole way.  To keep this short, let’s just say that I spent the next three weeks in labor in delivery trying NOT to have a baby.  The contractions never stopped and at best, they were 8 minutes apart.  I was on magnesium sulfate for the entire time and while I felt like I was on fire and couldn’t sweat, I had a super human tolerance for it and was semi-coherent.  At 28 weeks, my membranes started leaking, and all drugs were halted for fear that I was at risk for infection.  My son was born just hours later and was a whopping 3lb 3oz (actually quite large for a baby at 28 weeks gestation).  After a harrowing ten weeks in the NICU, he came home with only a few side effects of his prematurity (reflux, apnea monitor…).

Three years later or so, we felt like the amnesia had kicked in enough to attempt to add to our family.  Doctors felt as though the preterm labor and delivery were unexplained, and that it would be perfectly acceptable to get pregnant again.  We started trying for another and found ourselves with almost three years gone and with no success.  It took awhile for the denial to wear off, but we finally got the message that something just wasn’t right.

We went through all of the diagnostic hurdles and were labeled with “unexplained secondary infertility”.  After four rounds of IUI, two fresh cycles of IVF, two frozen IVF cycles, one chemical pregnancy, and one miscarriage at 9 weeks (chromosomally normal baby) we sit here now almost five years after starting the TTC journey totally empty handed, having considerably less money, and on a roller-coaster of hope and hopelessness.

We have four frozen embryos waiting for us, but with a body that seems to lean toward rejecting them, we are exhausting all other diagnostic options.  This led us to Dr. Rydfors.  He has this magical theory that I have mild PCOS (never been diagnosed before), which has led to possible insulin resistance (although I don’t show pre-diabetes or diabetes on the Alkaline A1C), which has led to a lot of inflammation throughout my body.  He feels that the inflammation led to my son’s preterm delivery and also our difficulties in getting another baby to “stick”.  The Treatment: Paleo Diet, Metformin, and a boat load of supplements.  Since many in my support group and otherwise have shown interest in my Paleo adventures, I figured I could put them here.  I hope that I have something to offer others when it comes to the infertility struggle (I feel like we have done it all and have plenty of experience with which to share).  I also thought it might be helpful for people to go on a Paleo adventure with someone who LOVES food and has always struggled in that arena.  The desire to have a baby is probably the only way I could ever motivate myself to go on this dietary/lifestyle journey.  If you have ever been touched by infertility, you know what I mean.  We will do absolutely anything humanly possible to achieve this goal that for others is so simple.  It is a daily struggle with raging hormones and emotions. There is also the agony we put our bodies through in an effort to bring another little person into the world that we can love and hold in our hearts.  Here is my journey.

Be forewarned, I have a crude sense of humor with very little filter.  If I offend you, then go away!


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